Vital signs monitoring.

Our purposes

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They support us.

At Hinlab, we are committed to supporting the healthcare sector. Backed by patents and robust partnerships, our talented engineering team is focused on delivering fast-paced solutions. We profoundly believe that well-equipped health workers experience a more meaningful work life, less stress and higher performance. They are better prepared to fulfill the ultimate goal of zero preventable deaths.

What we aim for.

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Helping save lives

Too many lives are lost owing to infrequent monitoring of vital signs. In the 21st century we can no longer accept suffering or death because symptoms are not rapidly diagnosed. At Hinlab we believe every patient who requires monitoring should be given the option of an unobtrusive and efficient device that alerts nurses and doctors in the event of an emergency.

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Improving treatments

Collecting data from patients provides the opportunity to ensure that treatments are effective. Because we can collect millions of data-points, Hinlab aims to help healthcare professionals prescribe the correct dose of medication, exactly as required. Our cloud-based data collection meets all the latest data privacy requirements. Using early warning algorithms, Hinlab’s devices can detect deterioration before it occurs.

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Lowering the costs

Hinlab’s devices are designed to the highest medical specifications (FDA clearance, EU MDR) and yet they cost a fraction of competitors’ devices. Hinlab’s engineering team makes this possible by using the latest technology packaged in the most efficient way. Our devices are robust, reliable, and designed to streamline the work of every nurse.

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Our cutting-edge technologies.

Physiologicals measurements & diagnostics

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Internet of Things (IoT)

Electronic Card

Hardware & Software

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Artificial Intelligence (AI)

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Hinlab, a very promising technology.

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Hinlab’s work environment.

Our talented team, drawn from the most prestigious universities and companies, is guided by the following mantra: work hard, celebrate.

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Robust partnerships shape our progress.

We are proud to work in close collaboration with some of the finest clinical and business partners.

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