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We believe that hard work is not a burden, but a blessing, as our work helps nurses fulfill their roles more easily and patients benefit from our creativity. We are also convinced that high performance should not come at the expense of great relationships. It is possible to be mutually demanding, while being respectful and kind. And together, we enthusiastically celebrate every success, no matter how small.

The satisfaction of meeting needs.

At Hinlab, we are privileged to work with doctors and nurses who dedicate their lives to health and healing. To ably serve them, we need to provide the very best that technology can deliver. We are committed to working with them, and for them. You’ll quickly realize that we ask tough questions every day, we are exacting and precise. It’s how, together, we move from good to great. You’ll also realize that working with us is immensely rewarding.

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Our work culture: work hard, celebrate.

Our mantra: we work for a humane purpose, and that’s awesome. But together, we also take the time to celebrate every success, no matter how small.

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Our work environment.

We are a unique team of healthcare providers, scientists, engineers, operators, designers and content creators building a care experience unlike any other.

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What our team says.

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