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At Hinlab, we are privileged to work alongside dedicated doctors and nurses devoted to saving lives and the wellbeing of patients. We challenge ourselves daily with tough questions and search for the best solutions to improve patient outcomes. Working with us is demanding, but is very rewarding.

Our team

At Hinlab, we recognize that diversity is a source of innovation. The variety of skills and experiences that each team member brings to Hinlab enriches our problem-solving abilities and drives us to think outside the box. We believe that diversity not only strengthens our team but also enhances the quality of the products and services we provide to both healthcare professionals and patients.

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Our work environment

Hinlab is based in Paris, France. A thriving hub of technology and innovation for professionals around the world.  Our office environment is lively, dynamic and great for bringing ideas to life.

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What our team says.

Denis-Michel, CEO of HinlabIrène, working in R&D department of Hinlab

Wanna join our team ?

We are looking for talents in these different fields.

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